01/24/2014 10:24 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2014

Republican Congressional Candidate: Obama 'The Bane Of Freedom-Loving Americans'


North Carolina Republican congressional candidate and High Point financial adviser Don Webb called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama in a campaign blog post Thursday, describing the president as “the bane of freedom-loving Americans.”

"[W]e have a president who has contempt for the Constitution, for the doctrine of separation of powers and for the rule of law,” Webb wrote.

A former Naval officer, Webb is seeking to replace retiring Rep. Howard Coble (R-N.C.) in North Carolina’s conservative 6th District.

Webb continued:

All Americans who care about the Constitution can clearly see that over the last five years Obama has amended or ignored laws in clear violation of his constitutional prerogatives. Indeed he has taken to himself lawmaking privileges which are assigned by the Constitution to Congress alone. These are impeachable offenses.

Sadly, all too often Congress has meekly acquiesced to this transference of power to the executive branch. This must stop immediately. The only way to stop a President who thinks he can “use that pen” to make law is for Congress to file articles of impeachment. As a Congressman, I would strongly support that effort.

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