01/27/2014 12:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Anne Hathaway, Rachel Zoe End Relationship As Anne Picks New Stylist: REPORT

Breakups are so sad.

The Hollywood Reporter's fashion section Pret-A-Reporter reports that Anne Hathaway is no longer a client of Rachel Zoe's, who is arguably the most famous celebrity stylist in Hollywood.

According to Pret-A-Reporter, "sources in the know" say that stylist Penny Lovell has been dressing Hathaway for the past few weeks and that the Sundance Film Festival was the pair's "first time out the gate together."

So how does a wardrobe picked by Lovell differ from one picked by Zoe? Anne's Sundance style has been noticeably relaxed, slouchy, dark and heavy on the menswear, like this pleated green two-piece suit. Her Sundance outfits are in line with a progression we've noticed over the past few months, where Anne's started favoring baggier, androgynous styles like jorts, floppy beanies and oversized linen pants (much to the Internet's glee).

We have no doubt Lovell has been a part of Hathaway's sartorial shift. But what will that shift mean for Zoe, who has worked with Anne for about 10 years? Zoe's taken some hits in the past two years as her eponymous clothing line was dropped from stores and her Bravo TV show came to an end. No doubt the loss of Anne burns.

Will she survive this latest breakup? We hope so -- without Zoe dressing stars on the red carpet, Hollywood would go bananas. In the meantime, we're on Hathaway Watch to see what she and Lovell come up with next.

Anne's new style:

anne hathaway

anne hathaway

anne hathaway


anne hathaway

anne hathaway jeans

anne hathaway

Anne's old style:

Anne Hathaway's Style Evolution

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