01/27/2014 05:50 pm ET

Kate Middleton In 'My Fair Lady' Is Today's Best Thing (VIDEO)

It's no secret that we at HuffPost Style have an obsession with all things Kate Middleton. From her elegant yet approachable style to that flawless hair, she can pretty much do no wrong.

So, it's no surprise that when this video of an 11-year-old Kate as Eliza Doolittle in a school production of "My Fair Lady" came out Monday morning, we spent quite a bit of time watching it... and re-watching it... and re-watching it.

We have to admit that Kate has quite a presence on stage. Maybe she could have even had an acting career -- you know, if that whole princess thing didn't get in the way.

Check out the video in all its adorable glory above.

Back in the day...

Kate Middleton's Style Evolution

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