01/27/2014 06:03 pm ET Updated Jan 28, 2014

Pro Bowl 'Streaker' In Bikini Chest-Bumps Players, Rocks New Mexico Flag As A Cape

Say what you will about the 2014 Pro Bowl, it had at least one great run -- and it belonged to Katrina Torres.

On Sunday, the bikini-clad woman hopped onto the field late in the fourth quarter. She then proceeded to sprint downfield, chest-bumping players while wearing the New Mexico state flag as a cape.

Torres insists her illegal stunt was about more than just the thrill of it, however.

"You can't see it in this video but I had, 'I did it 4 Gary' written across my back," she wrote on her Instagram account afterward.

"A couple of years ago, my cousin who was 18 years old at the time got into a really bad motorcycle accident which left him unable to walk. It was always his dream to go with me to a Pro Bowl game. I made a promise to him that since he couldn't walk with me into that stadium that I would run across the field in honor of him knowing that he would be watching from home in New Mexico."

Torres, like most streakers, was inevitably caught and removed from the field. But unlike any other offender we've heard of, Torres credits former football and baseball player Deion Sanders for keeping her out of jail after the stunt.

"[Sanders] followed the cops and I as they took me out of the stadium and told them not to arrest me and that he loved my show and he had my back and would bail me out!" She wrote. "You are one cool guy Mr. Sanders! Glad you liked it!"

She has also been quick to rebut any claim that her actions were inspirational.

"Single moms who work two jobs to raise their kids are inspiring, firefighters that run into burning buildings are inspiring, soldiers who defend our country are inspiring, those that are ill or poor in health or people who are in wheelchairs but love and appreciate life like my cousin Gary, those people are inspiring. As for me, I hope to lead an inspirational life but I'm just an ordinary girl with some big cajones [sic] and an even bigger heart."

Watch a clip of the "streaker," above.