01/28/2014 09:15 am ET Updated Jan 28, 2014

Jon Stewart Takes Down Cable News Over Justin Bieber

Cable news' recent coverage of Justin Bieber's arrest was just too good for Jon Stewart to pass up on Monday night.

The networks drew scrutiny for the way they handled the story last week. Stewart pointed out just how ridiculous the coverage was, replaying the infamous moment when MSNBC interrupted an interview about the NSA for "breaking" Justin Bieber news.

"You interrupted a former congresswoman and national security expert for something Justin Bieber did?" Stewart asked incredulously. "Unless Justin Bieber caused an earthquake in Japan, I doubt it was worth it." CNN, he said, also pulled out all the stops for the story, even creating "state of the art CGI animations" to illustrate Bieber's drag race.

Watch Stewart take down the cable news networks in the clip above.