01/29/2014 07:52 am ET

Why Texas Needs Mexican-American Studies


On Friday, the Texas State Board of Education can vote to implement Mexican-American studies as a legitimate course option for every school district in Texas. Or the board can continue to deny and ignore the role Tejanos have played in forming this state and this nation.

Now is the time to acknowledge our history and culture. There are 4.9 million students in Texas; 51 percent are Hispanic.

And if you are reading this wondering what the difference is between a Tejano, a Hispanic, a Mexican-American, a Chicano or Chicana, or a Latino or Latina, that is one more reason that we need Mexican-American studies available to all of us. We have never had an official Mexican-American studies course in Texas public schools. What terrible things happen when our students and educators are not exposed to this history?

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