01/30/2014 07:46 am ET Updated Jan 30, 2014

13 Ingredients That Ruin Guacamole For Everyone (PHOTOS)

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It isn't easy to ruin guacamole. Unless you're working with unripe avocados (or Florida avocados), you're pretty much guaranteed to make something delicious because it's 95 percent pure avocado -- which is possibly the greatest food the earth has given us. No other dish can promise such great odds for success. And yet, somehow, people still mess it up.

Here at HuffPost Taste, we're all for culinary exploration. But the moment Bon Appetit published its Crunchy Guacamole recipe was when the food world had gone too far. Bon Appetit is known for churning out one delicious recipe after another. Its Salted Caramel "Ding Dong" Cake recipe will change your life. And the way they braise Short Ribs solidifies our belief in humanity. But when we saw Bon App's latest celery-loaded guacamole recipe, we knew we had to cry STOP.

First of all, guacamole is not supposed to be crunchy. Not ever. It's the tortilla chips that you dip into the guacamole that are responsible for providing the crunch. Guacamole's job is to give us rich flavor, and creamy mouthfeel -- nothing more. Secondly, celery?! Really?? That's just scandalous. We've forgiven Bon App for this food crime, because they've never let us down before, but it got us thinking: what other ingredients are people adding to guacamole that are ruining it for the rest of us?

We came up with 13 top offenders. We're not talking about adding tomatoes or even garlic -- which we know is a touchy subject for most guacamole fans -- but serious crimes against all that is holy about guacamole.

Ingredients That DO NOT Belong In Guacamole

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