01/30/2014 09:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Karen's Body Beautiful Hold It Hair Gel Keeps My Curls From Shrinking Into A Matted Mess

After almost three years of not straightening my curly hair, I have a confession to make. While I always remember the natural haircare basics (e.g. putting on a bonnet at bedtime and using the right hair oils), I still can’t do two-strand twists.

Okay, so it’s not that I can’t do them, but for some reason I can never achieve the perfect curl pattern with my twist-outs. As I stare at the many curly-haired girls on the subway who have flawless bends and curves in their long hair, I’m often fuming at the fact that I had to pin back my strands because they got all puffy.

While hiding in the depths of frizzy-hair shame, senior beauty editor Dana Oliver dropped a product on my desk that we both looked at with skepticism. It was the Karen’s Body Beautiful Hold It Hair Gel with Argan Oil. And from the looks of it, I didn’t think it was actually a gel. So before I even put it in my hair, we decided that it had to be some sort of putty for styling twists.

karens body beautiful hair gel
Karen's Body Beautiful Hold It Hair Gel, $16,

Two days later, it’s me and this jar, vowing to actually make my hair look somewhat presentable. But three twists deep, I got really sick of the sticky consistency and realized that the product was indeed a hair gel. And even after that, I kept going with it although my hair began to slightly harden. It smelled really nice (priorities, right?).

Despite the icky texture, I noticed that my curls didn’t shrink (as they tend to do) and I marveled at the length my hair maintained. The next morning, I struggled a little to complete the twist-out, but in the end, I almost cried with glee. For the first time in my life, I had a decent twist-out!

As a happy camper, I used the gel just a bit differently the next time I did my hair. I used less product per twist, so it still had hold without the stifness. Also, I added coconut oil to the mix so I could have a shiny and hydrated finish.

Rating: 4 out of 5. Sure, it needs more moisture, but this hair gel got me compliments people. Compliments.

*Karen's Body Beautiful provided a sample of this product for review purposes.

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