01/31/2014 10:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Amazing 'Friends' Script Was Written By An 8 Year Old

As children, we all attempted one creative act or another, whether it was painting a picture, writing a short story, or maybe even crafting a gorgeous macaroni necklace. We may cherish our own creations, but this kid's script for an episode of "Friends" is beyond comparison.

Reddit user TerrMys explains that one of his friends, who was obsessed with the TV show at the time, used to round up a group of kids to re-enact "Friends" on the school playground. The practical young TerrMys soon realized that these amateurs needed some direction and perhaps a few scripted lines. Not an avid "Friends" watcher, the 8-year-old looked to "Seinfeld" for inspiration, penning a two-act, 13-page script that he recently decided to share with the world.

TerrMys' script, titled "Friends II," finds the characters in some rather believable situations, with each storyline intersecting at the end -- pretty smart writing for an 8 year old. Rachel slips on a Nintendo 64 and falls out of Joey's window, a monkey steals Phoebe's purse (and the 700 pounds of lipstick inside) and Monica climbs up the elevator shaft.

It's pretty epic and, at the very least, will trigger some heavy "Friends" nostalgia.
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