01/31/2014 10:07 am ET Updated Jan 31, 2014

Kym Whitley Visits Her Old High School Teacher In Cleveland (VIDEO)

While on a trip to her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, actress and comedienne Kym Whitley decides to take her son, Joshua, on a tour of her past. As Kym, Joshua and her friend Val walk the halls of Shaker Heights High School, the memories come flooding back.

"If you could draw a picture of the best high school in the world -- where all the teachers are wonderful and all the classrooms are beautiful, it would be my high school," Kym says.

In the above video, she visits her old teacher, Mr. McIntyre, who has been at the school for 37 years.

"Mr. McIntyre is a warlock," Kym says. "No, he has some kind of potion. He looks the same as when I was there!"

As Kym and Mr. McIntyre reminisce, he tells her that he and his wife have seen her on television. "I had to do a double take. I couldn't believe it, I'm so proud of you," he says.

"For a teacher to be proud of what I've done, it made me feel good," Kym says. "Because when I was at Shaker, I was just a number. I wasn't student president -- I was just being Kym, the crazy class clown, and just living life."

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