01/31/2014 12:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Family Wakes Up, Finds Puma In Kitchen (PHOTOS)

Now that's a wake-up call.

A family in Chile got a frightening surprise Wednesday when they awoke to find a puma in their kitchen, according to local reports. The big cat managed to break into the Santiago house sometime in the early morning and decided to make itself comfortable in the kitchen.

"I was making breakfast and all of a sudden … I thought it was a dog because I saw its legs first, but it was a puma," resident Amalin Haddad said, according to Sky News. "A puma, a puma like those you see in the zoo."

Haddad screamed and woke her son. She then locked the puma in the kitchen.

In video footage from the scene, the big cat is seen chewing on the blinds.

A Reddit user claiming to be a friend of the family shared photos of the break-in:

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Police believe the animal may have been kept as a pet, since it appeared to be domesticated. The big cat likely escaped or was released.

After the puma was discovered in Haddad's kitchen, animal services sedated it and took it to the Chilean National Zoo, where it was treated for minor injuries.

While it's not common for a puma to stroll into a house, if it does happen, experts recommend residents stay calm, leave the cat be and notify authorities.



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