01/31/2014 11:17 am ET Updated Jan 31, 2014

Why Companies And Charities Can't Share Celebrities


Scarlett Johansson is grappling with a flurry of criticism over her fallout with global charity Oxfam International. Her dual role as a goodwill ambassador for the charity and product pusher for the controversial Israeli soda machine company SodaStream proved too irksome for Oxfam. (The company’s factory in the Israeli settlements in the West Bank clashes with a growing boycott of goods produced in Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories.)

Johansson scrambled to justify her dual role on her blog before resigning from her Oxfam post, but she isn’t the first celebrity to run into branding wars between companies and charities that shimmy up to a shared glitzy endorser. Here are other examples of the endorsement battles between brands and humanitarian groups over their celebrity ties: