02/04/2014 09:31 am ET Updated Feb 04, 2014

The Best Bottom Shelf Beer Labels, In Order Of Aesthetic Pleasantness (PHOTOS)


You are all pretty aware of the fact that we are only interested in the way things taste, as a general rule. Today, however, we're letting taste take a back seat and talking simply about what we like to look at.

Beer labels are one of our favorite artistic expressions in the food world. Is it ever wise to choose a beer by how the label looks? Probably not, but that hasn't stopped breweries from creating and commissioning some of the most iconic and beautiful labels we can think of. Nowhere in the beer store does this hold truer than the bottom shelf. In our bottom shelf beer taste test, we realized that a few of the labels we loved the best actually held some of the worst beer. In the interest of redemption, we've decided to rank the best bottom shelf beer labels, in order of aesthetic pleasantness. If it's not on this list, that's probably because it's either forgettable or hideous.

Again, for those of you who don't like to read a lot of words: this list is based on how much we like the label.

Bottom Shelf Beers, In Order

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