02/04/2014 10:48 am ET Updated Feb 04, 2014

Joakim Noah Kept Cursing And Pointing At Refs After Ejection In Bulls-Kings Game (VIDEO) [UPDATED]

Bulls All-Star Joakim Noah wouldn't leave the court without getting the last (and profane) word after getting ejected in the third quarter against the Kings on Monday night.

After receiving his second technical foul of the game, resulting in an ejection, Noah started pointing at each official and screamed "f*** you" several times. He had to be escorted to the locker room, but the 6'11'' big man kept pointing and yelling at the refs as he walked through the tunnel.


Following Sacramento's blowout win over Chicago, Noah apologized for his actions.

"I'm really disappointed. I shouldn't have acted that way. I apologize, I'm sorry to all three referees out there," Noah said, per Nick Friedell of "They're out there trying to do their jobs and I should never have said the things that I said. I hope they accept my apology and I hope I can move on from this."

Will Noah's tirade result in the first suspension under Adam Silver as NBA Commissioner?

For those who'd like to watch Noah flip out over and over again, here's his tirade in GIF form.

UPDATE: Noah was fined for cursing out the refs on Monday night.



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