02/04/2014 10:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Signs Your Office Lunch Has Become The Most Important Part Of Your Day

Monday through Friday, nine to five: You wake up and you trudge into the office and work. It's the daily grind and we've all lived it. Sometimes in the monotony of work life, the only thing giving you hope is that glorious moment when you get to each lunch.

However, like everything else in life, nothing is ever perfect, and that includes that long-awaited lunch. It can get downright annoying and dirty in the workplace when it's time to chow down. Henceforth, we have listed the 13 telltale signs that lunch is the most pivotal moment of your workday.

1. Leaving your lunch at home is a HUGE DEAL.

You took the time to spend a good 15 minutes making that sandwich. Also, there goes all that money saved.

2. This is an entirely appropriate reaction to finding that someone has stolen your lunch from the fridge.

There's nothing funny about someone eating YOUR food. That's just straight-up theft.

3. You spend longer deciding what to eat than actually eating it.

Do you want Mexican? Chinese? A sandwich or a salad? The possibilities are frustratingly endless.

4. "Should I try that new place everyone is talking about?" *Contemplates for 45 minutes*

More specifically: "Should I go try that Cambodian sandwich shop that everyone's always talking about or just get street meat again like I want to?"

5. This question is second only to: "Do I eat too much Chipotle?"

And after some contemplation, the answer is always a resounding "Nope."

6. This is your idea of work-related stress: You get sucked into a group delivery order and you realize you don't want anything on the menu.

You guess you'll have what everyone else is having...

7. You used to plan your lunch around your wardrobe -- now it's the other way around.

You've been craving barbecue all week. There's no way you are wearing anything white today.

8. You came back with lunch and all of a sudden there's free lunch in the office.

Why was that sandwich spread not there right before you left half an hour ago?

9. And you'd be shocked by the human stampede that occurs when there's free food in the kitchen ... if you weren't at the front of it.

But sometimes you want to hide under your desk for your own safety...

10. It is a daily struggle to try to eat slowly and politely because you're surrounded by your professional peers and you don't want to look like a pig.

But you are so hangry.

11. You've invented a fun guessing game out of smelling all the things your coworkers heat up in the microwave throughout the day.

Very similar to how there are things that should not be eaten on the subway, there are definitely things that should not be heated up at work. Save the stinky food for when you are in the comfort of your own home.

12. You now realize that free office snacks can help replace the hole in your wallet, but they can't help replace the hole in your heart.

One can only endure granola bars and bananas for lunch for so long...

13. And you are deprived of the day's only real excitement when you realize you worked so hard you forgot or didn't even have time to eat lunch.

This situation happens far too often and it is an absolute tragedy.