02/05/2014 01:33 pm ET Updated Feb 05, 2014

Moving Bell's Whisky Ad Shows You're Never Too Old To Achieve Your Dreams (Cheers To That!)

You can tell yourself you are being manipulated into buying booze. But you'll still feel a lump in your throat and perhaps a tear in your eye after watching the ad above.

The sweet spot from Bell's Whisky shows an elderly man learning to read. He starts with his ABCs and gradually ascends to devouring a whole book. But not just any book, as we come to learn.

The now-viral South African Scotch commercial aims beyond the drink in its storytelling, and its gentle plea for education at any age inspires.

The alcohol industry has been brewing feel-good tales at an impressive rate lately, from Tullamore Dew's apparent mourning-turned-wedding to Guinness' true story of U.S. biathlete twins Tracy and Lanny Barnes.

Few are the commercials that truly make you raise a glass and raise your spirits.