02/05/2014 01:43 pm ET Updated Feb 05, 2014

Killing Of Houston Family Of Four Baffles Police


Police are baffled by the gunshot killings of a Houston-area family of four, including boys aged 7 and 9, as they lay in their beds.

One week ago, a husband and wife from China and their two sons were each discovered with at least one gunshot wound by Harris County sheriff's deputies, according to TV station KTRK.

The deputies entered the quiet suburban home on Jan. 27, TV station KHOU reported. Neighbors had spotted several broken windows and co-workers of the husband -- a mechanical engineer -- reported that he hadn't been to work in several days.

"It is baffling," said Harris County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Felipe Rivera, according to the Associated Press. "From all indications, they were a quiet family, they were the average family.

"I am bothered by the loss of life of two children."

The victims have not been officially identified because police were trying to contact next of kin. Nor has the sheriff's department publicly discussed a motive for the quadruple slayings.

Five days after discovering the bodies, police haven't determined the type of gun or caliber of bullet used in the crime, according to another article in the Houston Chronicle.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia on Feb. 4 appealed to the culprit to surrender.

"Have humanity in your heart and turn yourself in," said Garcia, according to My Fox Houston. "If you can't do that, I hope you never find a restful moment in your life, knowing you have stolen the lives of two children."

Anyone with information on the case should call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477.