02/06/2014 12:08 pm ET Updated Feb 06, 2014

Everything Hillary Clinton Does Fuels 2016 Speculation, Apparently

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

The year is young, but it's going to be a tough competition to write a dumber sentence that includes the word "speculation" and the number "2016," than this one from the New York Post's Emily Smith:

Hillary Clinton went on a private shopping spree at Bergdorf Goodman early Tuesday morning, sparking further speculation that she’s suiting up for a 2016 presidential run.

I mean, to my mind, it fuels speculation that Clinton wanted to buy some clothes, but I guess Smith really liked the look of that off-the-rack pun.

The most disappointing thing about this article is that "Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines didn’t respond [for comment]," because Reines popping off at reporters is at least marginally entertaining.

At any rate, at some point Hillary Clinton might get some food, almost as if she wanted to synthesize the energy necessary to go on living until 2016 or something.

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