02/06/2014 02:12 pm ET Updated Feb 06, 2014

Facebook Is Helping This Dad Get A Little Piece Of His Son Back

On Wednesday, John Berlin took to YouTube with a plea to Mark Zuckerberg.

The dad from St. Louis, Mo., asked for access to the Facebook page that belonged to his late son, Jesse, who died in January 2012, according to PIX11 News. "My son was 21 and died of natural causes," Berlin wrote on YouTube.

He doesn't know his son's email or Facebook password, but he'd like to view Jesse's page so he can see a "Look Back" video -- a personalized 62-second clip where the website compiles a user's biggest Facebook moments in its 10-year history.

Berlin's heartfelt plea earned more than 900,000 views on YouTube and surfaced on Reddit, too. Late Wednesday night, he posted a YouTube comment with a beautiful silver lining to his story:

The response is overwhelming. We just wanted to see a 1 minute vid. We're going to get that vid. FB contacted us and they're going to work on that vid. I want to thank everyone, for your support. I didn't know what to expect from this but it was worth a try.

Facebook spokesman Jonathan Thaw confirmed to PIX11 that Jesse's video is being made.

Shortly after hearing from Facebook, Berlin video chatted with In the interview above, he retells his story and adds that Facebook is going to look into changing its policy so loved ones who have lost a family member can memorialize their pages.

"It's still sinking in. I can't believe that we could be a part of something to change and to help other people," Berlin told "It's not big, but, you know, it's big enough."

As of Thursday afternoon, Facebook had not yet released the Look Back clip. But in the meantime, a few people touched by Berlin's story began making their own video tributes and uploading them to YouTube.

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