02/07/2014 02:10 pm ET Updated Feb 07, 2014

James Lawlor, Cat Food 'Hustler,' Says He Steals Chow For Friend With 300 Cats: Cops

Pinellas County Jail

He's in trouble meow.

Florida man James Lawlor is accused of stealing $342 worth of cat food from a Clearwater Walmart, WTSP reported. Walmart staff apprehended Lawlor after they say he filled a shopping cart with the food, then walked to his car.

Lawlor allegedly told cops that he's done this before, and that he "hustles" the kitty chow -- stealing it so he can sell it other people.

Police noted that Lawlor said one of his customers was a friend with 300 cats. As the Chicago Sun-Times points out, "That’s enough to fill up the family section (101) at Wrigley Field — and have 120 or so cats still looking for a seat."

Lawlor was charged with one count of grand theft.

Stealing cat food isn't always criminal. For instance, when a raccoon does it, it's downright adorable.