02/10/2014 06:40 am ET Updated Feb 10, 2014

5 Clever Valentine's Day Gifts For Boomers

Hammacher Schlemmer

We all know couples who go out for Valentine's Day a week early to avoid the higher restaurant tabs and who would never send roses with those inflated price tags. But on this annual day of romance, isn't there something that trumps thriftiness as the virtue we most want to convey? Let us suggest cleverness instead as a way of impressing a loved one. And with that in mind, these gifts just kind of wrote their own tweet.

1) Forget the dishwasher. A snore-activated nudging pillow is modern woman's greatest labor-saving device.

This $150 pillow from Hammacher-Schlemmer detects snoring and “nudges” a sleeper into shifting positions without the need for spousal intervention. The pillow’s integrated microphone picks up the sonic vibrations of snoring, automatically inflating an internal air bladder that increases the pillow’s depth by 3 inches -- just enough to roust the snorer to move their head or body. The microphone can be adjusted for light or heavy snoring (can also be turned off) and the bladder can be manually inflated to any desired thickness. The pillow’s contoured shape provides optimal head positioning for ameliorating snoring.

2) Because football never really ends, does it?
The Super Bowl may have provided us with our greatest Sunday nap of the year, but football is just one of those sports that some of our loved ones can't get enough of. So in the spirit of getting ready for a Broncos comeback next year, we turn our attention to Picnic Time which offers an array of logo-ed NFL products including cheese cutting boards, cart coolers, and travel tables. Our personal favorite is the portable recreational recliner, just in case next year's game is also a snoozer.

3) What every menopausal woman needs: a cooling doo-rag?
OK, BluBandoo cooling headwear initially gave us some pause. Did we really want a cold wet doo-rag on our heads? And then along came a hot flash and the answer was "yes, why yes we do." Blubandoo headwear is suitable for both women and men. You wet the headwear -- bandanas, visors, hats and doo-rags -- for five minutes and the non-toxic polymer crystals will keep you cool for hours afterward. Hot flashes aside, it's a nifty idea for hikers, tennis players and anyone spending a lot of time out in the sun.

4) A washable keyboard.
We kid you not. One of life's mysteries remains: How do you clean your grimy keyboard without typing a row of nonsense that you later mistake for the grocery list? The Logitech Washable Keyboard makes it easy. You just give it a dunk in warm water and gently wipe off the incriminating chocolate fingerprints you left. About $40.

5) Stylish shot glasses for when your 20-something tells you they want to move back in.
We love these vintage happy sunburst shot glasses that sell for $48. And they would be equally perfect for SOTU drinking games or even N.J. Gov. Chris Christie's next press conference. Nothing says romance like an old shot glass.



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