Justin Bieber Goes By Bizzle Now (UPDATE)

Beliebers, say hello to your new master: Bizzle.

Justin Bieber seems to have changed his name, at least on Instagram, and has acknowledged the change on Twitter -- where he retweeted a couple of fans who've announced it. The Daily Mail notes that the switch took place Saturday (Feb. 8), following a series of photos Bieber -- err Bizzle -- posted in which he poses with famous rappers Diddy, Rick Ross and TI.

Bieber isn't the first to sport the name. Other Bizzles include a Miami rapper who was shot and killed in October 2012; a Christian rapper from Houston who recently made headlines for recording an anti-gay version of Macklemore's "Same Love"; and a U.K. rapper, Lethal Bizzle, who seems less than pleased with the Canadian singer's new moniker.

UPDATE Feb. 12 -- A true teenager, it seems like Bieber has changed his mind and is back to being called Justin Bieber now on Instagram. Oh well.



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