02/11/2014 11:53 am ET

SLAM! Sacramento Cop Torpedoes Suspect Fleeing On Bike (VIDEO)

Football season may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a textbook tackle.

A police officer in California sacrificed his body on Monday when he launched himself in a mid-air take-down of a fleeing suspect on a stolen bicycle, CBS13 reports. The tackle was captured on some amazing footage.

Sacramento authorities had set up a perimeter to catch Michael Kennedy, 19. The suspect was wanted an outstanding warrant and had just fled a police officer at a nearby train station, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Kennedy was cruising to freedom on a bike, and then--BAM!

CBS13 explains:

Our camera was rolling when Kennedy hopped over the front fence of a home, grabbed a road bike leaning up against the porch and rode toward CBS13 photojournalist James Taylor.

Just as Kennedy reached Taylor, he veered away from an approaching Sacramento police officer who tackled him from the bike and a struggle ensued. A bystander, Louis Buchetto, was the second person on hand to try and subdue Kennedy.

Three officers were hurt in the incident, though all of their injuries are considered minor, KCRA reports.

Kennedy was booked on outstanding warrants, as well as suspicion of fleeing from police and felony assault on an officer.



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