02/11/2014 10:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

14 Wildly Untrue Things TV And Movies Tell You About College

1. Everyone will go to Ivy League schools, and if you don’t, your parents will probably disown you.

(Realistically, .4% of high school graduates will attend an Ivy.)

2. Your parents will probably skip move-in day, and they def won't ask questions about how tuition will be paid.

3. You'll spend little to no time in class or studying.

4. Your dorm room will be huge, like Rory Gilmore's.

5. You’ll live with all of your high school friends, girls and boys.

6. It’ll essentially be just one big Harlem Shaking flash mob, everywhere you go.

7. Your favorite (and only) high school (and middle school) teacher will still be your teacher.

8. All of a sudden everyone will look like they’re 30. (The original "90210" kids were definitely way too old to be in high school and college.)

9. Your hall mates will totally violate your shower privacy and act like it’s nothing.

This happens never.

10. You’ll have… money.

Womp womp.

11. Snoop Dogg (or Lion, or whatever it is) will perform at frat parties.

12. Sorority girls will spend most of their time washing cars.

13. Everyone will be dressed to the nines.

Repeat after us: Sweat. Pants.

14. Your roommate will be a monster.

Don't worry: Studies have found that 0% of college students have one massive eye in the middle of their head.