02/12/2014 01:41 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2014

High Schooler With Cognitive Disorder Finds Out He's Made The Basketball Team's Roster

"I have to go tell my mom!" David Pokrandt says in the video above, as he runs out of the boys' varsity basketball team's locker room.

The high school senior from Rhinelander, Wis., has a cognitive disorder, according to WAOW. He's been a basketball team manager for the last three years. But, on Thursday, he was surprised with a spot on the roster -- and his reaction was caught on tape.

Afterwards, Pokrandt wore his own varsity jersey during the game and watched from the bench for three and a half quarters, The Northwoods River News reported. But when the crowd began chanting, "We want David!" Coach Derek Lemmens put the young man in.

With the help of his teammates and the opposing team, Tomahawk High School, Pokrandt took three 3-point shots. He made the last attempt. That moment was caught on tape, too.

"With us being able to get a lead and get him out there, we just wanted to get him on the court, but Tomahawk just went out of their way to make it even more special," Lemmens told The Northwoods River News. "It just goes to show the kind of class act they are as a program and it's something [Pokrandt will] never forget."



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