02/12/2014 08:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Street Style Fashion Week: The Most Exciting Fashion From Day 6 Of NYFW Fall 2014

New York Fashion Week attendees may forego coats for the sake of style, but they still know the most important part of the body to keep warm is their heads. Perhaps that's why so many of them were spotted in hats on day six.

We saw all different types of head adornments on Tuesday. Everything from pom-poms to neon pink -- even an appearance by Pharrell's famous Grammy's hat. See which editors were most on top of their hat game below.

hats 1

hats 2

hats 8

hats 3

hats 4

hats 5

hats 6

hats 7

hats 9

All the street style from day six:

New York Fashion Week: Day 6 Street Style

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