02/13/2014 01:08 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2014

Aaron Paul Drinks With Fans At Cheers In Boston

Donald Traill/Invision/AP

As if people needed another reason to love Aaron Paul.

After a screening of his new movie “Need for Speed” in Boston on Wednesday, the former "Breaking Bad" star spent the rest of his night with fans at one of America’s most iconic watering holes.

“I am in Boston and am loving it. We had a screening of the film last night and I invited everyone to join me in Cheers, and it was awesome,” he told CBS News in Boston.

Not only did Paul spend his night drinking and celebrating with fans, he was more than willing to pose for pictures and sign a few autographs, including one girl’s laptop.

The actor has a reputation for being a sweetheart to fans, and he didn't disappoint that night when someone asked him if he’d go outside in the cold to greet his friend, who uses a wheelchair and couldn’t climb the stairs. People Magazine reports that Paul not only agreed but, after posing for a quick picture, asked the staff to help him use a stair lift so the friend could come inside and hang out.

A bunch of the photos from the evening have found their way to Twitter.

Here is a cool one that was found by Boston.com of Paul video chatting a fan from someone's smartphone:

Need for Speed” comes out March 14 in the United States.



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