02/13/2014 06:42 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2014

Britain Floods: Photos Show Devastating Force Of Nature

While America's east coast suffered through another winter storm on Thursday, across the Atlantic, Brits are bracing for more days of rising floodwaters and torrential rains.

NPR reports that in the coming days, weather forecasts predict the country will see as much rain as typically would fall in the entire month of February. With gusts of wind approaching 100 miles per hour, storms on Wednesday already wrecked havoc and caused power outages for nearly 150,000 homes.

Parts of Great-Britain have been flooded since storms hit the country six weeks ago and so far, relief does not appear near. According to AFP, this week's nasty weather is expected to push the levels of the River Thames to their highest levels in more than 60 years.

The photos below show the devastating force of nature and part of the damages the rising water has caused so far. Let's hope Britain is prepared for what's coming next.

British floods