02/13/2014 09:14 am ET Updated Feb 13, 2014

Jon Stewart: 'It's Colder In Florida Than It Is At The Winter Olympics'

The Sochi Olympics just keep getting more and more unusual, as Jon Stewart pointed out on Wednesday's "Daily Show." First off, the top three countries are currently Norway, the Netherlands and Canada -- not exactly the diversity the Olympics is known for. "To do well, you have to look exactly like the surface you're competing on," Stewart joked.

Second, the climate is currently not quite befitting the Winter Olympics, as temperatures in Sochi have climbed to a balmy 60 degrees fahrenheit -- higher than the temperature in Florida right now.

And what would a Russian Olympics be without President Vladimir Putin everywhere in sight? The controversial leader has been spotted mingling with the athletes in a very noticeable red jumpsuit, even "cuddling" speedskating champion Irene Wust, who is gay. "He wasn't cuddling her!" Stewart exclaimed. He launched into a mock Russian accent: "For no woman can remain gay once they've suppled upon the sacred straightening teats of Vladimir Putin!"

Check out the full clip above.