02/13/2014 09:47 am ET Updated Feb 13, 2014

Stephen Colbert Went To The White House, And Now He's France's First Lady

If you've noticed Stephen Colbert has not been dishing out as much blustery conservative criticism to the Obama White House as he normally does, you are right. Colbert was recently honored by attending a state dinner -- and received an international honor while there.

While the media has made much about French president Francois Hollande's separation from his former companion in order to replace her with his mistress, Julie Gayet, one question remained: Does that make her France's first lady? And would she be treated as such at this state dinner, which was in honor of Hollande?

That question was solved easily -- instead of putting Gayet in the traditional dinner seat for the first lady, that spot was occupied by none other than Stephen Colbert. Therefore, Stephen Colbert is the first lady of France.

And what will his initiatives be in his new role? "Reviving the guillotine and finally bringing Jean Valjean to justice!"

Check out the full clip above.