02/14/2014 12:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Couple Got Engaged Late In Life, Proving Love Is Always Around The Corner

Judy Tatman and Bob Mizer are proof that it's never too late to find love.

After Tatman's husband passed away, her son encouraged her to try online dating, and that's how she met Mizer. The couple hit it off quickly and learned about one another through instant messages. And even though they were communicating through a computer, Tatman told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd that the connection was undeniable.

"We're so compatible," she said. "We have so much in common, it's just unreal."

The couple had a distance issue -- Tatman lived in California and her new beau in Arizona. But Mizer wasn't going to let that come between them.

"I asked her if she wanted to meet on one of our conversations, and she said, 'Yeah, that would be fine'," Mizer said. "She said, 'When?' I said, 'Well, how about tomorrow?' And she freaked."

Tatman had plans, so they waited three days, then spent a romantic weekend together that included dinner and a day on the beach. By the end of that visit, Mizer said, "we knew that this is where we wanted to be."

After a couple more months, the couple took a big step when Tatman moved into Mizer's home in Arizona. They have lived together blissfully for the last four years, which is a fairy-tale ending in itself. Then things got even better.

The day before the couple appeared together on HuffPost Live, Mizer popped the question and asked Tatman to marry him. He's 72, she's 69, and her answer was "an immediate yes."

See the full HuffPost Live conversation about late-in-life love in the video below.



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