02/14/2014 12:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

11 Steamy TV Kisses We STILL Can't Get Over

Our favorite TV couples have been serving up irresistible on-screen magic these past couple seasons, and we can't help but fall in love with them all over again. From Olivia and Fitz ("Scandal") to Hannah and Adam ("Girls"), these guys are the reason we stay up late at night to watch love blossom before our very eyes.

Entire episodes (Or shall we call them love-pisodes? Nope? Fine ...) could be written about the chemistry in these television romances, because let's be real: Watching moments like this usually leaves us needing a moment to ourselves ... or maybe even several. If a kiss is worth a thousand words, these kisses are worth a million. Also, here's a SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't caught up!

Olivia and Fitz on "Scandal"


Because no one does hot, steamy passion better than Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant. They've got enough romantic chemistry to light our TVs on fire, amirite? Plus, we love seeing a woman of color finally owning and embracing her sexuality on primetime television. WIN.

Jess and Nick on "New Girl"


We waited patiently for it to come, and when it did, it was everything we expected: sweet but still ravishing. We die for that unexpected arm grab and that I've-got-to-have-you-right-here-right-now embrace.

Piper and Alex on "Orange Is The New Black"


This was a refreshing splash of sexiness in a show that was making us curl over with laughter throughout the entire first season. Here's to more Piper and Alex action in Season 2, and we'll take the laughs as well.

Scarlett and Gunnar on "Nashville"


What we have learned from "Nashville" is that country love is sexy as hell, especially between these two characters. And if you you're not convinced, I dare you to watch a clip of Gunnar and Scarlett singing "If I Didn't Know Better." Then we'll talk.

Leslie and Ben on "Parks and Recreation"


We have all the feels in the world for Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt, and this was a welcome kiss to complement their already heartwarming interaction. Way to take charge, Ben! It was about time.

Callie and Arizona on "Grey's Anatomy"


We still root for Callie and Arizona because they still root for themselves. Nothing is hotter than a couple that has been to hell and back and can still face one another, and fight for their love and their family. YES.

Mindy and Danny in "The Mindy Project"

mindy kiss

True love means realizing that life is too damn short, so if you love someone, you should tell them right #@$%ing now... or better yet, show them. This kiss = us dead. (Note: Surprise acts of passion were everything this season.)

Carrie and Brody on "Homeland"


We love it because it's a little restricted and kind of on the wild side. Brody and Carrie are the last two characters in "Homeland" that should be going at it, but there's something so raw about this that we just can't look away.

Kurt and Blaine on "Glee"


Our hearts pitter-pattered when Kurt shared this first kiss with Blaine. We're here for any kiss that makes us accept love in all forms, regardless of race, age or orientation. Well done, "Glee."

Mary and Matthew on "Downton Abbey"


A long, soft kiss can be just as sexy and emotional as an all-consuming make out session. And we love Mary and Matthew so much that seeing them smooch gives us butterflies in our stomachs.

Hannah and Adam on "Girls"

parks kiss

Man runs across the city without his shirt to hold me in a time of need and companionship? Yeah, I'd fall in love with him. I'd fall in love with him a million times over. Adam and Hannah, you win our hearts. Keep the love alive.


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