02/18/2014 04:46 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2014

Do Students At Good Universities Have Better Sex?

Are Ivy League "nerds" having better sex than the rest of the country?

"I would argue that if you were the nerd and had a little bit less confidence you might be more attentive to the other persons' needs and that might make you a better sexual partner," Margot Harris, a sex columnist at Brown University, said on HuffPost Live.

It seems to make sense, considering Brown's "Sex Week" and celebration of nudity, Harvard's dare to have intercourse in the library, and an amateur porn shot at Cornell's campus. Sex is not something that Ivy League students shy away from.

Donny J., a sex columnist from the Cornell Sun, claims that the wide variety of people his school attracts creates an open-minded sexual environment where students are looking for ways to relieve stress on the weekends.

With five days of studying and two days of relief on the weekend, Donny J. said that the student population tends to just "let things happen" when they have a bit of freedom from the workload.

"Sex should never be used as something to get rid of your stress and free your problems," he said, "but you do realize that sometimes you just want to let loose a little bit."

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