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12 Foods We Hated As Kids, But Now Adore As Adults

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I have a confession to make: although I am known to most people as a relatively fearless eater, as willing to try stinky cheese and weird-looking vegetables as I am to taste horse meat or bugs, I wasn't born this way -- I was made this way. It turns out, most of us are. We asked around HuffPost, checking in with our colleagues who we consider to be pretty esteemed and willing eaters, to see which foods they hated when they were kids, but now adore.

While the old wives tale that our taste buds change every seven years is probably not true, it is possible to train your taste buds to like new things (especially if people around you like those things too). That is probably what happened when, after roughly 16 years of turning my nose up at chopped liver as "disgusting cat food," my family (conspicuous chopped liver consumers if there ever were any) finally watched with shock and pride as I devoured an entire portion. Think of all the time you spent not liking Brussels sprouts! Peas, even!

Below, you'll find some of the best and most frequent answers from around our office. If there are any foods you hated as a kid, but now adore, let us know what they are in the comments!

  • 1 Coffee
    Henglein and Steets via Getty Images
    More than one of us found a place in our hearts for daily fuel that never existed before.
  • 2 Hummus
    J Shepherd via Getty Images
    "I think it was the texture... and the name... but now I eat it on everything. Everything." -- Raydene Salinas, HuffPost Staff Photographer & Photo Editor
  • 3 Chopped Liver
    Prehensile Eye/Flickr
    "It was probably my mother and grandmother's greatest heartbreak that I hated chopped liver until I was nearly out of my teens. Now I start to get agitated if I haven't had any in too long." -- Rebecca Orchant, Associate Editor, HuffPost Taste
  • 4 Tuna Sandwiches
    Jacqueline Alpers via Getty Images
    Whether it was the appearance, the texture or the fishiness, a few of us couldn't tolerate even a bite of these before we were grown ups.
  • 5 Tomatoes
    Victoria Pearson via Getty Images
    "Tomatoes. I hated the seed part, so I hated the whole thing." -- Kristen Aiken, Senior Editor, HuffPost Taste
  • 6 Arugula
    Duda Bueno/500px
    "Arugula. My step-mom used to have to put it in a separate bowl from the salad for me. Now, I eat it every single day." -- Julie Thomson, Associate Editor, HuffPost Taste
  • 7 Avocados
    Inti St. Clair via Getty Images
    "It was their texture." -- Ethan Fedida, Social Media/Vertical Editor, Crime & Weird News
  • 8 Asparagus
    Tom Merton via Getty Images
    We thought this was bitter and terrible as kids, now we can't get enough of it.
  • 9 Olives
    Laurenz Schiffermueller/500px
    1/3 of our respondents said they used to absolutely despise olives, but now can't stop eating them.
  • 10 Pickles
    Getty Images/Foodcollection
    "Despite my last name being a homophone with a variety of pickle, I arbitrarily avoided pickles through most of my life. I discovered a few years ago that I really like pickles." -- James Gerken, Editor, HuffPost Green
  • 11 Brussels Sprouts
    julie clancy via Getty Images
    These crucifers have had such an uproarious comeback, we bet even little kids like them now.
  • 12 Beets
    Arco Images / Larssen Gitta via Getty Images
    Although these sounded like a fate worse than death as kids, we actually seek them out as adults.

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