02/19/2014 01:44 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2014

George W. Bush Has Been Painting Animal Skulls, Apparently

Joe Raedle via Getty Images

George W. Bush's art appears to have taken a dark turn lately.

Dubya has moved on from his usual fare of awkward self portraits and cute animal pictures to a new subject: skulls.

At least, that's what he and his wife told Maureen Dowd at Nelson Mandela's funeral service.

It seems that, in the wake of his hospitalization in August due to a blocked artery, the 43rd president is using his creative outlet to reflect on mortality.

"He said that since his heart surgery, he was spending a lot of time painting skulls," Dowd writes in The Times. "Animal skulls, Laura quickly interjected."

When Bush first took up painting lessons, he reportedly told his instructor, "There's a Rembrandt trapped in this body. Your job is to find it."

Maybe his inner artiste is more of a Georgia O'Keeffe.

(h/t New York Mag)