02/19/2014 08:26 am ET Updated Feb 19, 2014

Jon Stewart Rips Michael Dunn Verdict: 'Run-Of-The-Mill Florida Batsh*t Crazy'

Like many following the case, Jon Stewart was disturbed by Florida's failure to convict Michael Dunn for shooting and killing an unarmed black 17-year-old, Jordan Davis, after Davis and his friends played loud music in a gas station parking lot.

Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly surprising that the state let off a white man for killing an unarmed black man, either. To Stewart, the non-conviction was "run-of-the-mill Florida batshit crazy."

"Those hooligans!" Stewart sarcastically commented after playing a tape of Dunn claiming that the music bothered him due to his ears being damaged after years of scuba diving. "Thoughtlessly playing loud music, knowing it would attract, moth-like, someone with one sensitive ear!"

The fact that Dunn then fired off nine shots did not help his case in Stewart's eyes. "I can't imagine how loud those nine shots must have been on his boo-boo ear," he grimaced.

Check out the full clip above.