02/20/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

We See Your Ramen Burger And Raise You A Bulgogi Pizza

With a lot of the recent portmanteau-infested hybrid foods of late, we've noticed one thing in particular: they don't really sound that good. Many of them rely on shock and awe techniques to get you to line up for four hours in the rain and Instagram your reward at the end of your journey. That's right, ramen burger, we're talking to you.

This week, Reddit user dillpunk has exploded our minds with his actually delicious-sounding experiment in culture-clash-food -- the spicy bulgogi pizza. It's not just a regular pizza with bulgogi meat on top, the sauce is also made with gochujang, our favorite Sriracha-killer. And because this is Reddit, and Reddit loves to help, dillpunk made you a full tutuorial so you can make your own.

This has gotten us thinking about more international pizza variations. Think tikka masala sauce pizza with chicken. Think gravy pizza with fries and cheese curds. Think red chile pizza with carnitas. Sorry if we just drooled on you, we'll take this offline and report back when we're more composed.

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