Matt Damon's Amazing 'EuroTrip' Cameo Is 10 Years Old

The chances are good that not too many people have watched "EuroTrip" since it was released on Feb. 20, 2004. Outside of Michelle Trachtenberg (who was presumably cast in "EuroTrip" because Sarah Michelle Gellar was too old for teen movies by that point) and Kristin Kreuk, none of the stars reached high levels of fame. "EuroTrip" is not "She's All That"; it's doubtful that any editor planned an oral history to commemorate the film's 10th anniversary. "EuroTrip" is the teen movie that time forgot, which is a shame because of this amazing nonsense:

That's Matt Damon, the Matt Damon, performing "Scotty Doesn't Know," an original song written by the band Lustra for "EuroTrip." (The Rancid-y track is about the lead character's girlfriend, who announces after high school graduation that she has been cheating with Damon's punk rocker. It's catchy.)

"Those guys, the directors, Dave [Mandel], Alec [Berg], and Jeff [Schaffer], I went to college with those guys," Damon told Film Monthly in 2003, before "EuroTrip" was even released. "So I was over in Prague on 'The Brothers Grimm' and we were in pre-production and they called me up and said, 'Look, will you come do a day on our movie. It's called 'EuroTrip.' I lip sync in that movie, I play like a Henry Rollins wannabe from the suburbs, with earrings and a shaved head. I don't know, the scene seemed kind of funny to me."

Speaking to HuffPost Entertainment in 2012, Damon said things such as "EuroTrip" and the viral smash "I'm F--king Matt Damon," which he did with Sarah Silverman in 2008, help him keep up a certain level of normalcy off-screen.

"I kind of, long ago, just decided not to bother with trying to micro manage an image. It just seemed like, (a) impossible to do and (b) just way too much work. Way too much energy," Damon said. "If I had to sit and strategize about how to live my life away from work? I mean, I'd go crazy and my life wouldn't be any fun. So I just try to not put on any airs, really. And I work really hard. I love my job. I love making movies and the rest of it is ... you know. I'd rather have as normal of a life as I can."

Especially when that normal life looks like this:

Don't tell Scotty, but we'll be listening to this all day. (It's on Spotify!)



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