02/21/2014 01:35 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Gays Can Change If They Repent, Like Murderers, Pat Robertson Claims

It's been quite a week for conservative televangelist Pat Robertson.

The media mogul, who is no stranger to anti-gay remarks, made headlines earlier this week when he described gay sex as "not very pretty" on a recent broadcast of "The 700 Club," even though he acknowledged that "you can be attracted to the same sex, no problem."

Now, as Right Wing Watch is reporting, Robertson has compared gays and lesbians to murderers and thieves on another "700 Club" broadcast, as part of a segment on Charles Manson's grandson.

“Some of you have been involved in homosexuality, some of you have had an abortion, some of you have actually committed murder, you have lied, you have been disobedient to your parents, you have stolen money from your business," Robertson declared.

He went on to note, "God says, 'If your repent and come to me, I’ll wash the slate clean, you can get rid of it all.'"

Robertson's latest set of remarks come on the heels of some other eyebrow-raising claims. Last November, he told the mother of a 16-year-old boy who had just come out that her son might be gay as the result of being molested.

Robertson, who was named 2013's "Bigot of the Year" at Britain's Stonewall Awards, also claimed that HIV-positive individuals wore special rings in order to cut other individuals and infect them with HIV/AIDS.



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