02/24/2014 04:03 pm ET Updated Feb 24, 2014

'The Walking Dead': New Characters Could Mean Answers

Some more familiar faces for comic book fans of "The Walking Dead" as Abraham Ford introduced Glenn to Rosita and Dr. Eugene Porter. When he introduced the pair, he also told Glenn about their very important mission. "We’re on a mission to get Eugene to Washington, D.C.," he explained. "Eugene’s a scientist, and he knows exactly what caused this mess."

Buddy TV's Megan Cole was skeptical of this claim, though. "When Glenn asks what caused the apocalypse, Eugene says it's ‘classified,’ and for some reason, no one thinks they need more information," she wrote. SmallScreenScoop's Jessica Rae agreed, noting that you can't trust anyone. "As the camera zooms in on him, I wonder what kind of cult leader type is he that made some other people think he knows what happened to cause zombies!?" she wrote. "He certainly looks self-satisfied, though. Evil? Possibly.”

Fans of the graphic novel series may think they have some idea where this is going, but creator Robert Kirkman and company have deviated quite a bit from their comic series over the years. Either way, new faces always bring a freshness to the post-apocalyptic saga, so we're looking forward to getting to know this trio better.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

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