02/25/2014 01:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Disney Movies Anywhere Is A Disney Movie Fan's Dream Come True


If you have ever had a craving to watch "The Lion King" or "Wall-E" while you were on a bus or in line at the grocery store, you're very much in luck.

On Tuesday (Feb. 25), Walt Disney Studios released a new cloud-based service called Disney Movies Anywhere, and its function is exactly what it sounds like. Movie fans can now browse a digital library of over 400 Disney, Pixar and Marvel Studios flicks to watch on the computer, Apple TV or via a free app available on Apple products.

For anyone who already has a collection of films on his or her iTunes account, not to fear; they can be synced to a Disney Movies Anywhere account and viewed on devices through the app.

For a limited time, anyone who creates a Disney Movies Anywhere account will receive a free digital copy of "The Incredibles."

"Disney Movies Anywhere is an adaptable digital ecosystem designed to help consumers consolidate their Disney movie collections and enjoy them for years to come," Jamie Voris, Walt Disney Studios' chief technology officer, said.

The service has everything from old favorites such as "Fantasia" and "The Jungle Book," to new releases "Frozen" and "Thor: The Dark World." For all the Disney fans out there, here's an appropriate reaction to this news:

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