02/25/2014 05:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Man Bravely Pranked His Girlfriend Days Before Proposing

For some, the days leading up to a marriage proposal are stressful and filled with unknowns: Will she (or he!) be surprised? Will she like the ring? What will she say?

For others, it's a time to prank their significant others -- like the brave man below who snapped photos of himself holding the engagement ring in plain sight of his true love and posted them to Reddit. Check them out below:

"The weekend before popping the question, I decided to be ballsy and see just how far I could go with taking pictures of myself with the ring with my girlfriend in the background and not realizing."

Test picture

"She didn't realize it was right over her head, she was too into watching TV. The best was we were watching one of those bridal shows on TLC, Friday is Bride Day."

"She really likes Eeyore."
She really likes Eeyore

"Visiting her at work."

visiting her at work

"Needed some eggs for dinner that night."
Needed some eggs for dinner that night

"She was getting annoyed why I was taking so many selfies for no reason."
Nailed it

Of course, his girlfriend's annoyance quickly turned to joy when she found out what he was up to. Our man did finally stop taking selfies and got down on one knee.

"She thought it was all hilarious after the fact. Bonus picture of popping the question just before she said "yes."

We love happy endings.

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