02/25/2014 12:35 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2014

Gallant, Hilarious Teen Asks U.S. Figure Skater Gracie Gold To Prom

Hey, Gracie Gold, are you free May 16? The U.S. figure skater finished fourth in her individual event at the Winter Olympics, but she's No. 1 in the heart of this teen, who made a video to ask her to his prom.

Dyer Pettijohn, a senior at Malibu High School in California, put together a pretty cute and convincing proposal, emphasizing the things they have in common. "You're gorgeous. My mom thinks I'm pretty," he says in the video invite (above). He also mentions that they're both blond and graceful on the ice. Pettijohn plays the latter claim for laughs -- you'll just have to watch for yourself.

Gold, 18, trains in Southern California, so at least transportation wouldn't be a problem.

It's nothing new to see a boy courting a celebrity through video, but Pettijohn is hoping he has better than a triple axel's chance in hell.

"I thought this is a long shot but if I can pull this off, that’d be awesome," Pettijohn told "Good Morning America."

The invitation got Gold's attention, but Dyer is still waiting for a firm answer.

(Hat tip, Bleacher Report via For The Win)