02/25/2014 03:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

QUIZ: Should You Change Your Name After Marriage?

Should you keep your last name after getting married or change it? The question is more complicated than you think -- especially when considering all the possibilities: keeping your maiden name, taking your spouse's last name, using your maiden name as a middle name, taking two last names, hyphenating the two names to create a joint surname and others.

That's where a new website called comes in. The site asks users eight questions to help narrow down their many surname choices, taking into account career, personal preferences and states' name-change laws, among other factors. Note that the quiz was designed with women in mind, but more men -- including celebrities -- are changing their names these days as well.

And while we're not advocating that you use an online quiz to make a major life decision, we do think it's a fun and easy way to discover options you may not have considered before. Answer the eight questions below to find out which name change options might work for you: was founded by Danielle Tate, the CEO of -- an online name-change service for brides and newlyweds nationwide.

A representative for the the site said that Tate's team culled data from 200,000 customers in determining which factors played a role in their name-change decision, noting that they took same-sex couples' preferences into account as well.

"We then looked at how each factor affected name change and assigned it an appropriate weight so that it could help determine a bride's ideal name-change option in tandem with the other factors in our quiz," the representative said.

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