02/25/2014 04:40 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2014

Noah Emmerich Talks Season 2 Of 'The Americans' And Its 'Complex' Ensemble

Noah Emmerich stopped by HuffPost Live to talk about Season 2 of "The Americans," and what's in store for his character, FBI agent Stan, as he tries to find Soviet spies in Cold War America.

"The part is rich in texture," he said in the interview (above). "I get to do the family stuff, the FBI stuff and the love affair stuff. It's a lot of different textures and colors to play with."

Stan is portrayed as an all-American patriot, but finds himself engulfed in an affair with his Soviet informant, Nina. On a recent set visit, Emmerich told HuffPost TV, "Stan is drowning in a sea of loneliness and he bumps into a fellow traveler and they hold onto each other." Now, he expands on how appreciative he is of the skillful writing in Season 2.

HuffPost TV critic Mo Ryan, who recently reviewed the second season, wrote, "'The Americans' has a pleasant zip and vigor without the 'look at this great writing' pomposity." Guess we have a lot to look forward to.

Season 2 of "The Americans" premieres Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 10 p.m. EST on FX.



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