02/25/2014 10:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Just When Things Look Like They're About To Go Wrong... This Happens

We can all agree that when life fails you and takes a terrible turn for the worse, well, it sucks. Oh, the pain, the despair, the tragedy! But then...

Everything falls smoothly into place.

Things you thought were gone come back to you.

Not everything is as scary as it looks.

And not everything ends the way you think.

Sometimes that's not a bad thing. Just ... different.

Not to say bad things won't still happen once in a while.

Just don't assume it will.

Preconceived notions can hurt how you view the world.

And make things more difficult than they need to be.

Have fun.

Get some exercise.

Safely, of course.

Don't feel self-conscious, like people are watching over you.

Just be prepared to laugh at your mistakes.

You can make this thing we call "life" work.

Even if it takes some work...

Some luck and a few helping hands.

But people want to see you do well.

So enjoy their company.

And appreciate the small gestures. They can end big.

Now, let's get through this snow and cold weather.

And count our blessings.

Because if the pigeons don't rise up against us.

Surely the machines will.



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