02/28/2014 09:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mellie And Andrew Nichols Is The One Thing You Need To See From The 'Scandal' Premiere

Holy Vermont-made jam, "Scandal" is finally back! The mid-Season 3 premiere aired Feb. 27, and Shonda Rhimes and the writers gave viewers dozens of RUFK moments.

There was the time "Scandal" pretended to be "House Of Cards" with the whole Publius text messaging hooplah. Then Sally declared she'd run against the president but wouldn't resign. Mellie caught Olivia making out with Fitz, but it didn't really matter. Quinn lured a little boy into a car after school (and returned him safely). Abby taught Harrison how to use a gun and reminded him not to shoot off his penis.

But the greatest, most insane and wonderful moment from last night's "Scandal" happened in the last few moments. See below...

scandal gifs

scandal gifs

scandal gifs

We can only assume Mellie has a lurid past with Fitz's new running mate, Andrew Nichols! In December, "Scandal" cast Jon Tenney to play Mellie's potential new love interest and we finally get to see that play out on screen.

On behalf of all "Scandal" watchers everywhere, YAAAAAS!!