02/28/2014 05:14 pm ET Updated Feb 28, 2014

Take It From Sushi Dealer, Buying Weed Off The Street Can Be Fishy (VIDEO)

The first yellow tail's free.

A funny ad for, which hooks up patients with doctors who can recommend medical marijuana, imagines a street drug dealer hawking sushi instead.

The imagery of the sushi stuffed into the actor's coat is pretty goofy, as is the guy's patois: "I'll throw in some rice paper, man." But the point is, buying anything from this guy is fishy.

The ad is running 800 times over a span of two weeks on cable channels late at night in New Jersey, a Medical Cannabis Network spokeswoman told The Huffington Post.

The commercial was made in 2010 but it sat on YouTube, she said. Now with at least 20 states and Washington, D.C., able to legally sell medical weed, the spot is rolling out, with a run in Massachusetts also scheduled.

But when it comes to street sushi, you bogart that California roll at your own risk.

(h/t AdAge)