03/03/2014 04:51 pm ET

Take Six Minutes And Discover The Beginning Of Everything In New Big Bang Video

How did everything begin? Yes, many of us know about the Big Bang, but do you know what happened at the tiniest levels, with quarks and particles?

A new video posted on Youtube by user Kurzgesagt, a team of designers in Munich, Germany "who want to make science look beautiful," explores what happened at the very beginning of our universe. Just check it out above and you'll learn when scientists realized the universe wasn't ageless, what happened during the battle of matter and anti-matter, and how we're all made of star dust.

Then there are the questions scientists are still working on.

"Were there universes before our own?" Steve Taylor, a member of the Kurzgesagt team, wonders in the video. "Is this the first and only universe? What started the Big Bang, or did it just occur naturally based on laws we don't understand yet? We don't know and maybe we never will, but what we do know is that the universe as we know it started here and gave birth to particles, galaxies, stars, the Earth and you."

That's a lot to think about.



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