03/04/2014 07:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

8 Couples Who Don't Take The Whole Wedding Thing Too Seriously

Traditional wedding invitations give guests the option to "happily accept" or "regretfully decline" -- which is a total snooze-fest, if you ask us. It's no wonder so many people forget to reply!

We rounded up eight of the snarkiest, most creative wedding RSVP cards we've ever seen. Check them out below, but be warned: You will be wishing you had snagged an invite to these weddings.

via Redditor pajamas1
Because honesty is the best policy.

Credit: Katie Kerr and Chris Sabino
You had us at "free booze".

via dianotter on Imgur/HappyPlace
You can never have too many options.

via Redditor mgoreddit
Because Nic Cage is romance personified.

via Redditor United08
Black tie optional, bells highly encouraged.

via Redditor Herm0
Finally, an option for people who think RSVPing is for sissies.

via Redditor rickcheese
Ugh. Those pesky anti-child consumption laws are such a drag.

via Imgur
If you're not going to come, at least have a super awesome excuse.

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